Being a jazz ensemble, here are some live audio tracks to demonstrate the group's variety and performance vibe. No studio tricks or re-takes when performing without a net . . .

First, an instrumental classic with the quartet's standard lineup:

The group's usual closing number, a crowd-pleasing UP travelogue based on the towns of the Copper Country in geographical order:

With special guest, educator John Salerno, from an appearance at the Pine Grove Country Club, Iron Mountain:

An arrangement of a Beatles tune the group likes to feature. Audio quality is a little rough, but placed here to showcase the group's variety:

"Cantaloupe Island," a classic instrumental tune by Herbie Hancock.  Recorded live in Kingsford in 2014, opening for a touring Big Band from Germany:

Here's the last two movements of the group's Upper Michigan Suite: A piece in honor of miners and the difficult life they faced on the iron and copper ranges segues into a musical description of the north shore of Lake Michigan at dusk: